New Custom Hero Screenshots From Sonic Forces Arrive

Sonic Forces, the upcoming 3D Sonic title from SEGA has thrown us some new screenshots that show off the custom heroes in action.

The title, due to be arriving on the holidays this year, sees players playing as Sonic in a 3D world or a side-scrolling world. It was announced last month in May that the game would also feature custom heroes, and the trailer that showed off a brief snippet of the custom hero gameplay, and creation screens for that can be found here.

The hero creation will allow players to equip their character with fancy gadgets that aren’t called gadgets, they’re called, “Wispons”. These are evolved from the Colour Powers from the Sonic Colours title. This Wispons can be used to attack or aid you in progressing through the levels. They will also be equipped with a grappling hook to allow them to…grapple around the world. And of course, you’ll be able to change your hero’s appearance to suit your desires with not only accessories and colours, but also the breed that will also give you a breed specific perk.

Wolves will magnetise nearby rings to you, Rabbits will remain invincible for a longer period of time after taking damage, Cats will hold onto one ring after taking damage, Dogs will respawn with five rings after death, Bears can use a homing attack to blast away enemies, Birds can double jump, and Hedgehogs can collect rings while taking damage.

Once created the hero is used through the rest of the game, and helps Sonic side-by-side to take back the world from Dr. Eggman.

Sonic Forces will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.

Source: Press Release


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