Multiplayer Top-Down GTA Themed, Geneshift Launching on 23rd March

Geneshift, a Grand Theft Auto 2 inspired title featuring online multiplayer and crazy, violent antics will be arriving on Steam tomorrow on the 23rd of May 2017.

Developer Nik Nak Studios have announced that their project that has been in development for eight years will finally be launching on Steam tomorrow. The PC title sees players set in a top-down world, able to steal vehicles, and MOBA style skills coming in handy. A bit like Grand Theft Auto’s classic top-down titles. Where Geneshift and GTA 2 differentiate is  that the player can teleport, become invisible, launch fireballs, and more.

The player is a mutant, and they’ll be able to level up and earn cash the more they play, allowing the unlocks of better weapons and skills. There is a co-op campaign for four players, and it will see players trying to save the world from a zombie outbreak, whereas in the PvP mode featuring five players each team, the players will just end up killing one another in fancy mutant ways.

There are over twenty weapons to equip, and over thirty skills to learn. Players will be able to build secret bases and even create maps while climbing the leaderboards.

Geneshift will launch as an Early Access title for Windows and Linux on the 23rd of May 2017. There is a demo available on the Steam store page.

Source: Press Release

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