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Mini Boss Babble Episode 9: Part 5 – Telltale’s Stock Photo Issue

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Mini Boss Babble Episode 9: Part 5 – Telltale’s Stock Photo Issue

Mini Boss Babble are smaller, one topic cuts from our otherwise extensive weekly podcast.

In this Mini Boss Babble we discuss the recent Stock Photo related issue which dominated headlines as Telltale Games’ second episode of their Batman game was revealed to contain an image of a Russian diplomat who had been assassinated earlier on in the year — from a photo distributed which had included the diplomat only recently shot.

Is there truly any precedent for such a thing? certainly don’t believe so. For an image of a person, freshly murdered, to cycle digital media is a relatively new phenomenon, and for them to then wind up — presumably — circulated through stock photo libraries and used in media.

Truly strange.

Dann leads the topic, while Terry & Toby also discuss the subject.

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