Meet the Warlord. The Next Elusive Target In Hitman

Hitman brings another Elusive Target to its title tomorrow, taking the player to Bangkok.

Elusive Target #20, otherwise known as, The Warlord, otherwise known by her real name, Adeze Oijofor, is the next target players are challenged to take down successfully and retrieve the maps and digital files.

The setting is in Bangkok, and if this is the first time players complete an Elusive Target contract in Bangkok, then they will unlock the casual suit with gloves costume. Completing this contract with a Silent Assassin rating will as usual, count towards unlocking the Winter Suit.

The Warlord will arrive in Bangkok on Friday the 10th February 2017 at 13:00 GMT. She will remain in Bangkok for seven days unless eliminated.

There are two objectives for players to complete. Firstly, they are to eliminate The Warlord in whichever style they wish, and secondly they must retrieve the maps and digital files.

In case you were unaware, Dann, Louis, and I have been running videos on the Elusive Targets this year and they’re worth checking out.

Hitman Elusive Target #18
Hitman Elusive Target #19

Source: Hitman Blog

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