Levy’s Top 5 Games of 2020

I missed out on some of the biggest blockbusters this year had to offer, either due to time or access. Even still I was able to round out a good list of some of my favorite games of 2020. Other than my staple Destiny 2 rinse and repeat rotation I feel this list highlights the fact that games go beyond being blockbusters. Most of the games here won’t demand too much of your time. They’re easy to put down and pick right back up. They’ve left a lasting impression on me. In no particular order let’s dive into my top 5 games of 2020.


I’ve not fully completed a run of Hades; my playtime is a handful of hours. I’ve loved the game from afar keeping a close eye on development, waiting for Supergiant’s full launch. Everything is so fluid. Killer soundtrack as usual. Divine artstyle. I can’t wait to go, see for myself.

The Last Campfire

We see the story of The Last Campfire through a nameless ember. They solve puzzles which aren’t too difficult. Even though the world gives off a somber vibe there’s a story of hope. You’re leading other embers to a new beginning. On the surface it’s simple but there’s a charm here that’ll soothe the palette of the usual insert-big-name-game.


I’ve overused this feeling of describing Ikenfell. Enchanted. I love this game for how it catered to my enjoyment. Didn’t feel like continuing a battle? There’s a setting for that. Does earning XP matter? Only if you make it. Can’t get the timing down? There’s a setting for that, too. You learn about the rich history of Ikenfell, school of magic. Happy Ray Games has the foundation here for what could be the next big RPG series to lead accessibility and inclusivity.


Bunger bunger bunger. As much as I try to forget this game, I can’t. This is my own fault as I tried predicting how it would end before playing it based on something I read. The ending left me a bit hungrier than my expectations. You’ll enjoy Bugsnax if you take it for what it is―a catch ‘em all snack fest with a love story intertwined. I’m ready for the next course from Young Horses studio.

Fall Guys

This has to be the most fun I’ve had playing a game all year. It’s frustrating. There’s some poppycock physics. Grab move paranoia. It all makes sense that Fall Guys would gameify a race to the end while making it chaos fun. If you can get a full party stack then get ready. You’ll consider party sabotage just for the reactions alone. Mediatonic didn’t stumble their way to success, they fell right into it.

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