Latest Frozen Synapse 2 Trailer Showcases New Units, Reveals Delay

Today Mode 7 Games have announced that Frozen Synapse 2, the ambitious sequel to their 2011 hit, has been delayed from it’s predicted late 2016 launch into 2017.

The tactical, squad strategy game -for those who aren’t aware of it- adds a large city-scape and rival factions into the mix, with the game now revolving around taking control of the city, controlling your enforcers and mercenaries as you engage opponents in any of the city’s buildings. Linearity be damned, as the game generates a new city and each of it’s building’s interiors on game launch and combat initiation respectively.

The news came at the end of their latest trailer, below, which showcases a few of the game’s new weapon types in action, as well as gives us a bloody majestic looking stand-off (see 1:11~) between six green people and approximately four million red people — it’s a bit like the holdout in Treasure Island, but with laser rifles.

Three new weapon types were shown off in the trailer, all extremely useful for zonal control -especially when outnumbered. The trusty flamethrower, the reliable smoke grenades, and the ever dependable proximity mines. The core of the combat might remain a case of trying to predict and outmanoeuvre your foes, but now that you can light them on fire and/or render them legless and/or blinded the potential for a smaller, better equipped team defeating greater numbers is greatly improved.

So, are we all agreed that delaying games to add in new content -especially of this importance- is a good thing? Great!

Source: Press Release

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