Kogarashi has you fighting ice with fire.

Exploring a beautiful environment with your flaming sword in hand, Kogarashi, a student project made by a team while they attended DigiPen Institute of Technology, Bilbao, has you fighting your way through frozen enemies.

Kogarashi is a fighting game where you need to hack and slash your way through ogres, ogres who also happen to be covered in ice. Through this winter-clad forest, you are the only creature with fire, waking up these ice monsters and slashing them to death. As you manage your sword, you start building up a charge, which can give you some very powerful moves including creating a fire dragon that circles around where you stand.

Some areas of the world in Kogarashi feature massive, looming monsters, which can be destroyed if you can dodge or deflect their attacks. As you start to get hit, you don’t have a physical health bar, and instead you can see the screen starts to ice over. More and more of your vision becomes blurred and hard to see as the screen turns black and white, freezing not only what you see but also yourself. 


In the version of Kogarashi that I got the chance to play at the Fun and Serious Festival, the controls were a little hard to use, but the game itself contained a pretty solid start. The world is very Japanese-inspired with some pretty cool enemies throughout it. 

I can’t seem to find much information about the game, but you can follow their Twitter for updates.

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