HITMAN Faces Elusive #19, The Blackmailer Sends Agent 47 To Paris

HITMAN’s elusive #18 is over, and now we have #19 making their way over and finds Agent 47 back in Paris.

The new target, The Blackmailer will be in Paris for ten days starting from 1pm, on Friday the 27th January, HITMAN will install a new update which will bring Elusive #19 into the playing field.

Players will face two objectives.

  • Eliminate Walter Williams
  • Retrieve the memory stick

Having completed this contract, players will gain access to the Tuxedo with gloves costume, and completing it with a silent assassin rating will work towards unlocking the Winter Suit.

The game still has ten new featured contracts to take place, a bonus episode, and an escalation contract based on Colorado. There is an update coming on the 31st January, the same day that HITMAN launches physically.

Source: HITMAN News




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