Hipster Cafe Hands On — Following Trends and Serving Burgers

Hipster Cafe Gameplay

Running your own restaurant or cafe can certainly be quite the task — especially when you are looking to impress a consumer base of hipsters, hipsters who adapt and change to try to preempt the trends of the world.

Hipster Cafe, a cafe management game where you not only design food for the masses but also provide entertainment for them, was on show at EGX Rezzed earlier this year. The alpha build on show gave you a taste of everything you could do within your own cafe. Starting from an early stage in the game wherein you have spent some of your trust fund as to buy out a warehouse in a rundown part of the town — hoping to turn a profit and become independent from it.

Hipster Cafe THE MONSTER
Hipster Cafe Gameplay

You can design your own plates of food, mainly centered around burgers and sides, which customers can then order. Your food is the primary money maker in your cafe. Each item you create is then given a name based on the ingredients, and is sold to customers who then carry the very things you have created around the restaurant.

Like any decent food establishment, you can also purchase different activities for your customers. Things like axe throwing stands, ball pits, and painting palettes can be placed in the customer’s path. If they come across one of these activities, the patron will decide if they like them. If it is something of interest, they might even use it, generating more revenue and higher ratings.

Hipster Cafe Slide
Hipster Cafe Gameplay

There are various different factions when it comes to customers in your cafe. Some are those early Hipster, dressed-as-lumberjack types, while others are hippies — each with their own preferences towards activities they can play. The idea of a ‘hipster’ in Hipster Cafe is ever changing — evolving and changing their personality with the various trends that go on outside your restaurant. As such, you need to be constantly following trends and keeping track of what people in your establishment like.

Sometimes, the hipsters will even use social media to give you feedback — taking selfies with your food, typing out what they like about your place, and typing out what they are currently into. You can even start to use social media to create a buzz around a trend, that you can then implement into your business.

Hipser Cafe Hats
Hipster Cafe Gameplay

Hipster Cafe still has a lot of plans for the future, however, the build at EGX Rezzed was filled with potential. The unique aspect of having to evolve your restaurant with your customers should result in a challenging and fun management game.

If Hipster Cafe sounds like your type of game, you can wishlist the game on Steam right now!

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