Hey, That’s My Fish! sees penguins sliding around for fish

Hey, That’s My Fish! is an abstract strategy game that’s great for all ages! This game is meant for two to four players, and does actually work well in a two player setting, which is how I played it. Each player is looking to eat the most fish at the end of the game, with the help of their little penguin models. 

The board itself is scrambled through how it is placed out at the start of each game. It’s board is made up of tiles showcasing some ice, that are randomly placed in a specific grid. These tiles each have one to three fish on them. You will need to collect these tiles to bank fish in the game.

To start Hey, That’s My Fish!, you will alternate placing out your penguins onto this board, one at a time. The fish that you are placing on will determine what you can do when the game itself starts. When it’s your turn, you can move any of your penguins any number of tiles, as long as it’s on the line of tiles that they have started on. The tile that you come off of is then collected, and removed from the field.

Hey, That's My Fish!

If there is an empty space or another penguin then your penguin cannot glide over it, so trapping other player’s penguins so that they cannot collect as many fish is a great strategy to take on! You see, the game continues until no penguin can move. So, if your opponent is unable to move, you can still move your characters until you run out of spaces to go to, collecting all of the fish tiles you’ve moved from along the way. 

Hey, That's My Fish!

Once as many of the tiles that can be collected are collected, you can then count up your fish and determine who has the most. There can be a lot of moves that mess up the other players, as long as you keep an eye on where their penguins are and where your penguin is aiming to go! 

Hey, That’s My Fish! is a game that can be played in a short amount of time, as well as one that is easy to understand and set up. It’s a great entry to strategy games for those who are younger, but also works well for a winter-themed board game to play with the family that visits around this time of year. 

You can find Hey, That’s My Fish! on Amazon.

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