EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair — Knightly Seating Arrangements

One of my difficult decisions for anyone who has a dedicated office or space for gaming or work is figuring out what accessories would best suit their environment. From desks to monitors to keyboards and mice, everything has to work or the experience is simply uncomfortable. In the middle of it all is what some might consider the most important piece of furniture in that arsenal: the chair you sit on. EWin Racing chairs sent me an EWin Knight Series KT-BW2C-400 gaming chair to test out its comfort and I feel there’s a lot to talk about here.

The assembly of the chair took about fifteen minutes or so, even though the instructions seemed to be for a different version of the chair than mine. I have already put together many of these types of chairs in the past, so that likely had to do with the ease I had in the process.

It was quite clear what piece fit into what and as long as you follow the very clear ‘front’ labeled on the tilt adjustment part of the chair and the ‘L’ and ‘R’ of the armrests, assembly is a breeze. All the components seem to be of high-quality materials, and I had no issues with tears or damage from the manufacturer.

Actually sitting in the Knight Series chair is perfect for any position I choose to sit in. I often tuck my left leg under my right leg and ‘sit’ on it, and the width of this chair allows me to do that without touching the armrests with my legs at all. If I choose to dig in for coding or typing, I can lean forward with no issues and the height-adjustable armrests support my arms in a manner that allows for comfortable access to my keyboard. 

Included with the chair are a neck/head pillow and lumbar pillow, and while the neck pillow is really premium and comfortable, I removed some of the stuffing to better accommodate my neck, which is easily accessible from a zipper on the bottom. Regarding the lumbar pillow, I found that none of the positions I prefer really allow me to use it with them, so I left it off the chair. I might add it again at a later date, but it pushes me further toward the front of the seat than I would prefer.

While some of the chairs in EWin’s gaming chair lineup include the ability to fully recline, the Knight Series only offers 155 degrees of reclination, which is more than I feel I would ever honestly need. It locks tight in varying degrees up to that point, so there’s a good spot for anyone looking for some rest after a long session of gaming. The tilt function isn’t as giving as I would prefer and requires a press of a foot off the ground to rock yourself back into a tilted position. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s a bit different than I am used to and may bother others more than myself, but then again, that might be a feature more than a bug to most.

The only primary issue I found with the chair is a bit of creakiness, and that only seems to happen when I turn the tilt-lock off. I think it’s something that might go away after extended use as the padding gets used to the positions, but if you want your chair whisper quiet, this is likely not the chair for you. My old chair was just as loud, if not louder, so it’s quite negligible in the grand scheme of things.

Despite some shortcomings, I have to say I am fairly impressed with the quality and comfortability of the EWin Knight Series gaming chair. It fits my body and sitting styles quite well and it looks really good doing so. It may be a bit too expensive with some of its flaws to be the perfect chair for the price, but if you are looking for a chair that has a bit wider fit, it’s a tough market out there to find one in the right size and this chair more than accommodated me.

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