Humble Brag – A game of bluffing

For those looking for a party game, Humble Brag is one that is best played by groups of players who don’t quite know each other well. It’s a card game where you and your friends (you can have unlimited players, really) are trying to brag about your knowledge.

The game itself is very easy. You will have a hand of cards that say things like “I can name # of Disney Vilians” — all following the format of I can name NUMBER of Subject. The first player in each round needs to place down a card and say how many of the subject they could say. Then, everyone has the chance to call their bluff before the next player places down their card and claims a higher number of whatever subject they’ve selected.

If someone calls another player’s bluff on their card, that player then has 60 seconds to prove themselves. The other players can’t really Google the answer and so they could, possibly, sound confident enough to convince the others that they know it. Sometimes, under that pressure, it’s hard to name things even if you do really know them! 

The numbers can get really high if people don’t call another’s bluff and it becomes a game of deciding who you want to call out. If the person who is called out cannot do what they said, they then get the entire pile of cards that have been placed down, but can discard down to six cards in their hand. The goal is to get rid of all your cards first! 

We played a long round of Humble Brag, as we spent a lot of time calling people out and starting at high numbers. It was fun to learn what people actually have a bunch of knowledge in and what people do not know at all but will claim they do! We all did feel that the sixty second limit is really punishing, especially when you have people debating the validity of what the person said, so we feel that as house rules we would just give them a small amount of time between answers and debating.

There is also technically a rule in Humble Brag that someone cannot use the same answers on a card as someone else, which we just completely threw away. In cards that have a definite answer, like “I Can name X books of a specific book series”, not allowing someone to use the same answers as someone else is really difficult, especially if they are stuck with that card. It’s a game that you can easily use house rules with and it will be quite fun! Humble Brag can be a fun addition to your parties!

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