Super Algebrawl – Math and Strategy

An education and an experience. Super Algebrawl blends adding, multiplying and so forth as core parts of the game. Boar King Albert’s unpaid workers subtracted themselves from his palace. Help him fight his way back to glory in a pixelated roguelike game where you build up troops and abilities. Do you know the way to add your skills, abilities and forces to carve your way to victory?

In Super Algebrawl you follow Albert on a journey through treacherous lands against lizards, skeletons and even trees. Along the way you’ll recruit new animal underlings, some of them will have abilities you need to use in a way that makes you seize opportunities from almost impossible odds.


Or you can try to overwhelm them by having more troops than you could ever need. Be careful though because this is a numbers game.

Fight wave after wave and be rewarded each time and sure enough you’ll make your way through the forest. That isn’t the end for us though, Super Algebrawl‘s forest is only the beginning of the journey. You have to adventure past the forest, desert and swamp, only then you can say that Albert has the kingdom back.

Find ways to make “1” ally into an army but don’t become too strong because if you overpower the enemy your troops will become corrupt and leave you behind to work for themselves. The only way to actually defeat the enemy is by matching them piece for piece. Don’t worry too much about your mistakes though, because each wave can be rewound to the beginning by using the button top right.




If you make it to the end of the fight you can receive rewards for what you did. Choose carefully because these choices stay. You can only actually check one card at the end but if Albert pays part of his life to some unknown power you can discover more options to continue the fight.



Defying old ideas of indie games and educational games while also bringing love to the pixel theme, Super Algebrawl brings something that should just be a goofy idea into a fun way of thinking. 

To me Super Algebrawl was a great way to bring back the part of me that loves pixel games and strategy. It was made by a small group of people and they didn’t let that stop them from making a great game. Many people see educational games as something that will bore them but I think this one will be different. Simply put. It’s fun.

Super Algebrawl is available on PC.

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