Hellbound Demo — Bullets and Blood

With no major gaming events like E3 taking place this year, developers and platforms have taken it upon themselves to fill in the gap with their own events, with the Steam game festival being one such event.

From the 16th — 22nd of June, the festival showcased a whole host of games and live streams with hundreds of free demos for new and upcoming indie games, and thanks to moving home I was left without wifi for longer than I’d have liked. But in that time, I spent it playing through some of the demo’s and have made a collection of small articles with my thoughts on a few of them so feel free to check them out on B3!

One of them being Hellbound, a throwback to the ’90s shooters that inspired a whole generation.

Boasting action, speed and gore, Hellbound is a ‘90s inspired shooter that puts Saibot Studios love for the shooters of yesteryear on full display.

Taking influence from games like DOOM, Quake, and Duke Nukem 3D, Hellbound is a flurry of bullets and blood that saw me blasting my way through its hellish landscape with all the gore and violence you could expect. While its demo was on the shorter side compared to some of the other’s I played, it certainly didn’t stop Hellbound from being a fun experience.

It’s got all the trapping of a classic FPS, ammo drops, health and armour pickups, and coloured key cards, and with the few weapons available for the demo such as a shotgun or chaingun, gunning down demon-like creatures to thrashing metal music was a joy, even if it wasn’t the most visually appealing.

Blasting my way through this challenging shooter was certainly an enjoyable time, and one I’d recommend to any fan of old-school shooters keep on their radar.

Hellbound is due to release on August 4th, be sure to wishlist it now or check out the developer’s Twitter.

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