Hasta La Vista for uPlay Players Running On Windows Vista as Support Is Cut

Today in a Ubisoft post, it was announced that Windows Vista users will be unable to gain support for their titles connected to uPlay. 

It was in this Ubisoft post where the announcement was made in the style of a FAQ post. The question basically asks what it means for PC users running Windows Vista with a uPlay PC client.

The answer states that Windows Vista users will still be able to access their uPlay client, and will still be able to play their games, but the client will not receive any future updates once support is cut. Ubisoft urge users to update their operating system to one of the latest, and more secure version of Windows if they wish to keep their client updated and, I would assume, protected due to updates usually improving security measures.

Windows Vista and Windows XP had mainstream support cut years back, with XP’s mainstream support ending in 2009, and Vista’s ending in 2012. They did continue on with extended support, but those are now coming to a close. Windows XP is now kaput as of the 8th April 2017, and Vista’s extended support is cut as of tomorrow, the 11th April 2017.

We have previously reported that this support cutting will affect Blizzard’s popular games in a similar fashion.

Windows are currently offering a free upgrade until the 29th July, so if you wish to upgrade to Windows 10 before then click here.

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