Greenlight Highlight | TimberTales

Title: TimberTales
Developer: Rainware
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What type of game is it?


What is it?

Timbertales is a really fun looking turn-based strategy game that takes out the standard military units of its modern contemporaries and instead sees your troupe made up of forest animals, each filling roles similar to their natural traits would allow.

Strangely Timbertales seems to be having some issues passing through Greenlight, this is actually the second time we’ve featured it on this series (albeit the first was on the site I was part of previously), which is very peculiar considering some of the stuff that passes through the system.

I can only assume it’s an aversion to strategy titles, which do seem to have trouble moving through the programme, that said, it could also be the image for the game, which does look rather like a game about a woodland creature twist on roulette. Who knows?

Anyway, give the trailer a look, maybe its to your liking. I know for a fact that this’ll be the second time I’ve voted for this game to advance.

When’s it due?

Timbertales is ready for a Q1 2017 release for Windows, Mac & Linux. It’s already available for the Google Play store.

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