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ascend-logoTitle: Ascend
Developer: Gamers Frontier
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What type of game is it?

Online First Person Shooter

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

Control a cyborg ninja, customised to your whim, as you wall-run, grapple-hook and more. All to destroy your foes for the corporation you work for.

What do we like most about it?

This looks, by all intents and purposes, a fan take on Titanfall stripped down to pure player versus player modes. Fast paced gun-play, amazing traversal techniques, and even a peek at a mech. It is all exceptionally well made, and with a little bit more work on the map’s artwork, this game could easily be an absolutely massive success.

In its current state it’s a solid foundation for what could be a great shooter. Imagine levels where you can’t touch the floor due to environmental hazards like lava, or even simply fast moving traffic; Imagine if the developer includes jump pads, or the ability to hook onto circling ships. There’s a massive amount of potential here, and I feel this is definitely one to watch over the next year-and-a-bit as it closes in on it’s planned release date.

When’s it due?

Ascend is currently fairly early in development, with most mechanics nailed down but requiring content and artwork refining. As such it’s listed for release in early 2018, when it will launch for Windows PC.

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