Hand-Drawn Point & Click Charmer, The Little Acre, Out Now for iOS

As we touched on yesterday, Pewter Games’ 2016 point & click adventure game, The Little Acre, has now launched on iOS.

The Little Acre, which we reviewed on PS4 last year. launched on Consoles and PC in early December of last year to positive reviews. Developer’s Pewter Games and publisher Curve Digital continued working together in order to bring the charming title to the iOS platform – which, as you’ve no doubt gathered, is out now.

It’s a compelling game, with accessible puzzles, memorable characters, and an interesting setting in the fay land of Clonfira. Indeed our only complaints in the review were that the story felt like it had been cut short, and the game itself was relatively short. Both of these issues are entirely negligible when you consider that the game launched at the cheap-cheap-cheap price of $2.99.

You can find the launch trailer for the game below,

The Little Acre is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and -now- iOS. For the iOS, you can find it here.

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