Beautiful Space Survival Title, Hellion, Receiving Extensive 0.2 Update This Week; Patch Notes, New Trailer Within

Hellion developers Zero Gravity Games have released the patch-notes, and a new trailer, for their upcoming 0.2 update, and it’s a doozy.

Hellion, which released into early access on the 24th of February this year, is an unforgiving space-survival game which is designed to accurately model off-world physics. In the conventional start you arise from cryostatis on the broken hull of your ship – your cockpit section, and a corridor section, floating outside the ship, freshly broken free. You wrestle into a suit, apply a jetpack, and try not to vent too much atmosphere as you head out into the darkness of space to rodeo your ship parts back together before jetting off on adventure.

It’s an unforgiving game, however as you may have read in Ben’s impressions, or my impressions, from earlier this year, it is also incredibly satisfying when it works. Guns have feedback, mining resources is fully implemented; repairing ships, scavenging wrecks, and maintaining a station are all in and work well.

All of those things being in, however, don’t make the game any easier. There’s a steep learning curve, and the various roles that need to be employed in order to man a larger ship/station start to approach the level of Space Station 13, albeit less wacky.

Patch 0.2 adds in a fair few bug fixes, including several with the docking interface, but it also adds in a mass of near features: Additional loot has been added to the game, two new types of storage canisters have been added,  new weapons (two guns, two grenades), and new tutorials.

The biggest notable changes however are that players can now assign a gender to their character when they sign in, and automated turrets have been added which react based on a vessel’s authorised personnel list.

You can find the new trailer below, and you can find the complete patch list over on the official Hellion blog.

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