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Gioteck’s TX70 Gaming Headset is built for long-life, wireless play

The TX70 is another gaming headset from GioTeck, this one aimed at PC and Playstation gamers. This headset is similar to their TX50, which we reviewed previously, however it is at a slightly higher price point, and has quite a few different features.

The TX70 is a gaming headset that is wireless, with a USB-A dongle that you can plug and play into your Playstation or PC, to easily set up and use the headset. The battery life is decent at 15 hours and the headset is chargeable — you can see when it’s on by a sleek blue light on the outside of the ear muffs — and the headset does have a bit of a jingle when you do hit that on and off button which is cute.

The headset itself, while we are talking about style, has those diamond-shaped earmuffs we saw in the last headset, but this time they are at more of an angle, which is far more comfortable for me. The muffs themselves are padded and squishy, which feel perfect on my ears, which fit comfortably inside of them. The earmuffs have a bit of movement to them, so they can be swivelled and adjusted to the sides, making the headset easy to wear. The headband is also heavily padded, which makes long term wear do-able, and adjustable, making it larger or smaller to fit your head better. 

A small, ridged microphone can fold into the left earmuff, nearly seamlessly, or fold down and out to be used. When you fold it up, it mutes you, so that you can easily disconnect from your conversation to get back to your real life. It’s quite sleek. The left earmuff also has buttons – a volume switch, an EQ button, an on/off button, the micro-usb charging port, and a 3.5mm audio connection.

TX70 Gaming Headset

The audio inside those earmuffs is decent. It’s not the best but it’s not the worst either – especially for the price. There are 50mm drivers inside them, which deliver sound at a good quality, when playing games or watching youtube.  

I have found the TX70 to be a pretty decent headset and very comfortable when compared to the TX50. If you are looking for a decent £50 headset and aren’t really picky about audio quality, it’s well worth considering the TX70. 

You can grab a pair on Argos.

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