Gentle Reminder: There’s Only 5 Weeks Left Until The Darkside Detective Launches

As we missed the chance to show off the latest trailer for upcoming micro-adventure game, The Darkside Detective, when it was first released, we’re going to do it now!

The Darkside Detective, which was originally started as a Game Jam entry back in 2014, is launching in a little under five weeks. The adventure title sees players controlling Detective McQueen and Officer Dooley as they work their way through six cases filled with demons, ghosts, and the occult.

Much like other Point & Click titles the game is built around item-combination puzzles and humour, although as you’ll see in the trailer below, other forms of puzzle exist in the game.

The game made it’s way through Steam Greenlight back in 2015, having launched on the initiative in February. It was originally pitched as a game which would be released in seasons, albeit with each launching complete will all of it’s cases, rather than episodically.

You can find the latest trailer below. There’s also a demo available on Gamejolt, here.

The Darkside Detective will launch on PC & Mac on the 27th of July. You can wishlist it on Steam here.

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