Gaijin Entertainment Unveil Enlisted, Massive Infantry Combat

Gaijin Entertainment (War Thunder) have announced Enlisted, a new infantry based World War II multiplayer project in development for PC.

Enlisted, developed by Darkflow Software, is said to feature large ground skirmishes between two 50-strong sides. There’s two campaigns -settings- already planned and in development for the title; The Batlte of Moscow, and the Battle of Normandy, however they’ve also taken to their own funding platform to pre-sell weaponry for the game, and also attempt to raise $250’000 with an aim to fund a third, Tunisian, campaign.

The two campaigns are tucked behind certain rewards as well as early access to the campaigns prior to their final releases in the second half of 2017. The project has also included stretch-goals for the game like the ability to influence the next campaign, the next ‘module’ and also (at one million dollars) fund console versions.

The finished game will be available on Steam, with each of the campaigns released as individual games; it is not clear how this would work with console versions of the title, even in the website’s extensive FAQ section.

Finally, there was also a teaser released for the game, which you can find below.

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