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First of all I’d like to point out that this is a student team, made up of 8 individuals in the project created at the DegiPen faculty and as it’s free to play anyone should try it…here’s why.

Paper Cut is one of those games I thought I would never see as a PC gamer as it is just so unique, mainly because of everything in the game is made out of cardboard. Yup, you read that right cardboard! From the main character, all the way to the puzzles, in fact, the entire game itself… bah, I tend to hate puzzle games due to the fact it makes my head hurt too much, and most times in puzzle games I just don’t have the foggiest what I’m suppose to do next, but Paper Cut changed that all for me today in this unique 3D open-world with light sprinkles of puzzles and a couple of platforming sections to boot.


As you no doubt have guessed the puzzles are quite simple, pull red paper tabs (connected to cardboard obviously) in a certain order was one of the hardest puzzles I had to do. There was some annoying jumping sections, mainly in the sewer as your character does not cast a shadow, and as you’re walking on something thin (not going to give away anything) and you have to jump on to each section it gets a bit taxing.

The sound and music are VERY cute (composed and directed by Carsten Ronshaugen) – it almost sounds and feels very “Disney”. It appears that Paper Cut is meant for the younger generation as it only took me an hour from the start-up, to the credits whilst interacting with all NPC’s just in-case I found something else, or found someone to help. So yes it is a short game but it’s free to download and play.

The dreaded platform section

Controlling your character is easy but in the game it does say that “its best played with a controller” but I didn’t and I was fine. Keyboard controls are shown in the opening tutorial part of the game and you are able to use the arrow keys instead of WASD, as it makes pulling the tabs a little bit easier when on the puzzles.

The interaction with the NPC’s is quite funny, (it’s all done with speech bubbles) there’s no adult humour or “potty” jokes, so it it suitable for anyone to play. Paper Cut, as said earlier, gameplay, sound, music, graphics is all very child friendly, and with the installer weighing in at just under 60 meg (MB) and after installing it, it’s 180 meg, which is nothing in this day and age, you can download Paper Cut here, I can easily recommend this to anyone, even if you don’t like puzzle/platformers… hats off to you guys at DigiPen well done indeed for doing something unique, clever and strange all in a single small package.


All pictures belong to DigiPen 

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