Fighting Fantasy Legends Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer

Fighting Fantasy Legends has finally received it’s first gameplay showcase ahead of it’s late July release.

Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone, and Nomad Games have come together in Nomad’s most recent release. The developer best known for their fantastic digital adaption of the Talisman board game announced the title formally at EGX Rezzed, however the game has remained low-key since then.

Fighting Fantasy Legends combines three of the more renowned Fighting Fantasy books -City of Thieves, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Citadel of Chaos- into one game, giving players the freedom to fight their way through the three stories.

The game features a card-based structure which promotes replayability, while combat is dice based in a new system made just for the game.

Here’s the features list from the game’s Steam page:

“-Based on the multi-million selling series of Fighting Fantasy Books.
-A card-based role-playing game with Roguelike elements.
-Thousands of choices ensure that no two games are ever the same.
-Uses the classic Skill/Stamina/Luck attributes.
-Take on powerful adversaries, such as Balthus Dire, Zagor the Warlock and Zanbar Bone.
-Kill monsters and add them to your Creature Codex.
-Travel across the region of Northern Allansia.
-Introducing a dice combat system unique to this game, where the player can upgrade their dice as they level-up.
-Meet iconic characters, such as Nicodemus the Wizard, Gareth Yaztromo and O’Seamus the Leprechaun.
-Earn Titles based on your deeds.
-Three difficulty levels.
-Permadeath mode – not for the faint hearted.
-Play exciting dice games, such as Runestones, Knifey Knifey and Dwarf Dice.”

Some more information on the developer’s website, here.

Fighting Fantasy Legends will release on Mac & Windows PC on the 27th of July. You can find it on Steam, here.

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