Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock Detailed; Gameplay Showcased

Following yesterday’s stream, we’ve now seen gameplay of Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock has finally dropped, and we are excited.

Developers Black Lab Games, and publisher Slitherine, showed off gameplay of the upcoming Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock for the first time yesterday with an extensive first-look stream. We’ve compiled some of the details below for you all.

Set during a stalemate (hence deadlock) between the 12 colonies and the Cylons during the first Cylon war. BSG: Deadlock features “Simultaneous turn/real time combat” where in both players make their moves, let time run for a couple of second then pause to make the next set of orders. Also on display were the absolutely stunning graphics, which can be better viewed in replays, allowing you to watch the whole battle without any decisions or interfaces cluttering up the place. And none of those fancy graphics are purely for show, it’s been confirmed that along with graphical damage on ships accurately portraying damage done, and all the visual flair, explosions, debris and missiles actually exist in game, able to do damage to any ships that get too near.

It’s plain to see that a lot of time and effort has been put in to bring BSG: Deadlock as close to BSG canon as possible, and it should be interesting to see this period of BSG history fleshed out in the game.

You can check out the gameplay release for yourself below.

BSG: Deadlock is set to come out Q4 2017 for the PC.

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