Eternal Spirit is a psychedelic journey to save the world

Help Izna as she and her spirit animal make an important journey up a dangerous mountain to save the world from a great evil in Eternal Spirit.

Taking its inspiration from the spirituality and self-awareness of Tibetan culture, Eternal Spirit — an NTFS production created by Michael P Murray — takes you on an adventure as Izna journeys to a mountaintop monastery to free it of a looming evil.

Izna’s companion, her spirit moose, is very much the star of all of the game’s artwork, making an exceptional poster child for the neon-blue spiritual world which repeatedly bleeds through into the otherwise snowy and desolate mountainside. Stark, snowy crests give way to streaks of blue energy, gushing forth from the prayer wheels or meditation areas Izna interacts with on her ascent.

This energy lets you keep moving forward, blasting doors and gates open or moving and twisting the world to allow your passage. Your companion can help with this too, at times allowing you to ride it and travel faster or — near the end of your journey — charging down the mountainside to escape from danger.

NTFS’ EGX showcases are always a joy to play; the game programme students always bring a wide variety of submissions. 2018 definitely felt like the strongest so far, and among that Eternal Spirit was easily one of the top when it came to experience and concept. I lost myself in its world for twenty minutes and was surprised to find that I’d finished the build — I was very ready to spend a lot longer in the snowy, mystical Tibetan drifts.

While many of the NTFS projects do not continue on to be full releases, I do have hope that developer @MikepMurray will Eternal Spirit through to fruition. For now, they have released a demo on, that you can try out for free.

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