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Elite Dangerous Teases Aliens In “Unknown” Trailer

It was shown at PAX East 2017, and gives us a look at the upcoming aliens that are set to haunt the Elite: Dangerous universe.

The trailer shows two people landing upon a planet, showing us that this will more than likely require the Elite Dangerous: Horizons DLC. They take off in their SRV vehicles and we get a look at some eerie looking landscapes that certainly look alien. One of the shots we see looks like a corridor that looks rather gothic and scary. No doubt it’ll be an alien cave of some sort, although the cutscenes are following the SRV’s along the horizon, and cutting to a shot where the SRV’s don’t venture seems a bit out of place.

The trailer ends with a haunting alien sound as we see the pilots pulling up to an alien ship that is grounded, but as the camera pulls up we see another alien ship looming overhead. The video glitches out and the trailer ends.

It’s an interesting trailer and certainly looks like it’ll give even more elements to explore within the Elite Dangerous title. Check out the trailer below.

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