Eight Minutes of Sea of Thieves Gameplay Surfaces from Developer, Rare.

Rare have released their booty of gameplay footage for their pirate co-op game, and it’s eight minutes of yarrrrrr.

Moving away from their usual developer diary theme they had going, and moves into a complete let’s play style, facecams included.

We get to see a whole playthrough, ranging from facing trecherous waves, working as a team to steer the ship, riding against the winds, the team locating a chest and taking it back on board, and an enemy ship coming to steal their loot, which is followed by a dramatic battle and in the moment repairs. Oh, we also get to see a death screen where players are sent to a ghost ship when they die.

The game looks like some incredible fun, and I’m really excited to gets my hands on it and give it a whirl.

You can view the video below and as for the game,Sea of Thieves is looking to be launched sometime this year on PC and Xbox One.

Source: Sea of Thieves Rare YouTube

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