E3 2017 | Ylands Trailer & Gameplay Video Arrives at E3 2017

Ylands, a vibrant adventure title from the developers behind DayZ treated us to a trailer showing the game in action.

Bohemia Interactive, the developers behind the ARMA titles and DayZ have got a new game that veers away from their usual realistic approach and more towards comical, vibrancy. Ylands.

Players start on a deserted Yland, and get to explore either in single player, or multiplayer, and gather resources to survive and craft shelter. Boats can be crafted which opens up a whole new world to explore as you come across various worlds. You can craft or find a wide arsenal of tools and weapons. You can create potions, mine, tame a horse, build a castle, swim in a lake, create devices, modify the terrain, and even a game editor to allow you to build your own levels.

Summer of 2017 will see the game heading to PC, the trailer can be found below, and if you wish to see the game in action even more, you and head here and watch the interview from the PC Gaming Show event that took place at E3 2017.

You can grab the game for £7.99 from here, and when the game becomes available on Steam Early Access, players will gain a free Steam copy of the title.

Source: Ylands Site

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