E3 2017 | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass Introduces Two DLC’s

Nintendo teased two upcoming DLC’s that are to arrive for the base game of the Nintendo Switch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo ran a pre-recorded press conference at E3 2017, and alongside a fairly long list of games we got to see two DLC’s that are going to be arriving for the open-world RPG title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Let’s have a nose at them.

DLC Pack 1, otherwise known as, The Trial of the Sword, will add a new adventure to the title where players can take on the Trial of the Sword challenge. This basically puts the player against waves of enemies, starting with no weapons or equipment, the waves grow increasingly difficult. There are apparently about 45 rooms to survive in, and once successful, the power of the Master Sword shall be awakened, allowing the weapon to be in a constant power state.

A Hero’s Path mode is also going to be added, allowing players to use a “Time Tracker” to see where they’ve explored in the world, and where they haven’t ventured too yet. Maybe the players find the title too easy though, but that’s okay, because Nintendo are adding a “Hard Mode” which will allow enemies to regain health during battle as well as being powered up by one level. This will also introduce treasure chests floating in the sky…or enemies.

A Travel Medallion will also be hidden away in a chest somewhere in the world, and allows you to set your current location as a fast travel point. Only one fast travel point can be assigned. There will also be various armour included to the game for the player. Majora’s Mask, and Midna’s Helmet are amongst the Phantom Full Body Armour, and the Tingle’s Full Body Outfit. Additionally Korok’s Mask will be included within the DLC Pack 1, this mask has the ability to shake whenever you’re nearby hidden Korok locations. There are 900 Korok’s in the world so…get hunting.

DLC Pack 2, known as The Champions Ballad, will be bringing a brand new dungeon to explore, another story to follow, and more challenges. More details on this pack shall be revealed in time.

The DLC’s can either be purchased individually, or they can be bundled with the Expansion Pass with the DLC being installed when they’re made available. Those who purchase the Expansion Pass will gain three treasure chests in game. Within these chests that can be found in the Great Plateau area, one chest will contain a new shirt that has the Nintendo Switch logo on it, and the other two will bring useful in-game items.

DLC Pack 1 will be the first pack to arrive on the 30th of June 2017. DLC Pack 2 will be arriving sometime in the Holiday 2017.

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