E3 2017 | Minecraft Gets Servers, Crossplay, 4K, VR, & More

Minecraft was, unsurprisingly given some screentime during the Microsoft Conference at E3 2017 last night, and it teased a lot of new features.

Minecraft…is still the same. Well, kind of. The game is now going to get more features, such as dedicated servers, 4K resolutions, and cross play is also finally arriving this Summer, merging mobile, PC, and Consoles together. The thing is about cross play, the trailer shows off a Nintendo Switch as well, so this could also become cross play. VR is still a thing too for the title. There will also be a Super Duper Graphics pack arriving this Fall sometime.

Also arriving in the summer will see a Community Marketplace, allowing costumes, themes, and more.

You can find the latest announcement trailer below, featuring the upcoming texture pack, and in-game footage.

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