E3 2017 | Deep Rock Galactic Announcement Trailer, Coming to Xbox One

Microsoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference introduced, Deep Rock Galactic with a action packed, and rather dark trailer.

I don’t mean dark, as in, grim, sombre, and the like, but it was actually dark, and that was because Ghost Ship Games’ Deep Rock Galactic is set within the depths of caves, where one to four players are to work cooperatively in this FPS title to dig and explore their way through a procedurally generated cave. The thing is, it’s not that easy, as creatures from the dark emerge from the shadows and thus introduces the gunplay element to the title.

Oh, and the players are dwarves! The game i expected to launch with various game modes, cave systems with biomes within them, character classes, each having access to tools, gadgets, and unique gear to their class.
Check our the announcement trailer below.

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