E3 2017 | Hello Neighbor Gameplay Trailer Launches, See E3 Beta Features

Hello Neighbor, the stealth title that’s developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild Games has got a playable E3 Beta demo at E3, and we get to see a trailer that teases what players can expect to see at the booth.

Hello Neighbor usually gets talked about because of it’s wacky art style that takes place within a horror genre, but it also gets talked about because of its advanced AI that is supposed to learn how you’re playing and up the challenge each time you’re caught. Keep using the back door? Expect traps, cameras, and more to be placed there the more you fail.

The story is simple, players are to get into the basement of their neighbors house because…well because you’re a nosy one, and with the neighbors AI acting in a procedural manner, you’ll never be aware of what he’s up to. The latest gameplay trailer shows a weirdly cut together trailer, and then after some overly smooth camera movements, we see the protagonist, you, entering your neighbors house, heading to the basement door, then suddenly waking up in your new house over the road. Going outside you see the neighbor peeking at you before rushing away, then thus begins your need to get to the basement and figure out what your neighbor is hiding.

The game is to arrive Summer 2017 for Xbox One and PC. The beta will be playable at the Microsoft booth at this years E3 2017.

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