Dual Charge: Base S — Nintendo Switch Organisational Stand

After taking a look at the compact Arrow: Charge S, I wanted to see how the larger Dual Charge: Base S would take to being used for our never-ending Nintendo Switch collection. This charging stand is quite big and substantial, with the aim to both charge controllers and organise some of your physical games.

Looking at the image, the first surprise when I took the stand out of the box was its actual size. You will still want your Nintendo Switch charging station – which comes with the device — to place into this stand, at its center. The wires on your Nintendo Switch stand will still be used to charge that device — it is not combining these two and helping manage cables. I expected this stand to not just simply hold the original stand — but together it does look pretty organised and nice.

Once you have your Nintendo Switch stand nestled into this base, you can set up your controllers to charge. I have plastic coverings over one of my sets of Joy Con. This cover does not allow the controllers to be slotted into the base to charge, so those need to remain on my Nintendo Switch. One set of Joy Con (without a case) can be slotted into the side of this base to charge. It’s easy to slide them on — the same way you’d slide the controllers onto the Switch itself, and once in they are pretty sturdy and durable. The front of the base features a place to charge your Pro controller, which is equally easy to use. The base comes with a dongle that you can plug (and leave) in your Pro controller, allowing you to place it down into the stand when you are done using it.

The front of the base shows three different lights, telling you how charged the left or right Joy Con is, as well as the Pro controller. This works the same as most other charging stands or stations, with red meaning still charging and green meaning fully charged. The Dual Charge: Base S plugs into a USB socket from the bottom of the base, with a place for the wire to come out of the left or right side of the base itself. It’s worth noting that this is a USB cable, so if you have normal sockets, you will need to get an adaptor. 

Dual Charge: Base S

The back of the base features ten slots for your physical Nintendo Switch games, standing them up so you can see the tops of them. This looks pretty cool all set up, if I am honest, and does look very organised. That’s the biggest feature I see this Dual Charge: Base S has — organisation. You can store your spare controllers, the stand you already have, and your games all together in one place. 

Personally, it’s a bit bulky for me and I do wish that the stand had some sort of cable management feature as opposed to separate areas for the base’s cables and the Nintendo Switch stand cable, but that’s a small detail. If you are looking to organise your collection and charge your controllers — and want a bigger base — this one is high quality and worth looking into.

You can find the Dual Charge: Base S on Amazon.

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