“Coastline” -Newest Rainbow Six Siege Map- Shown Off In it’s Own Special Trailer

Ubisoft have showcased the new map which will launch for free alongside the Operation Velvet update for Rainbow Six Siege.

Year 2 of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege content is due to kick off soon with Operation Velvet Shell which will add two new operators as well as a free map. That map, Coastline, has today been shown off for the first time, and you can catch the teaser for such below.

As you can see it’s (obviously) a coastal affair, although unexpectedly set on the popular 18-30s-get-blathered-like-the-owl-from-animal-crossing-and-wind-up-in-a-ditch-and-with-a-mind-full-of-pockholed-memories destination Ibiza.

Notably this map comes in both Day & Night flavours, which was a point of contention when the game first launched as the two options were (understandably) listed separately for missions, however were listed as further content rather than being approached as map re skins. We seem to be over that now though.

The new operation will, as detailed in the video, be shown off more-so at a live panel event in early February.

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