Civilization VI Winter Update Detailed; New Civ (Poland) Detailed and Showcased in Trailer

Firaxis’ winter update for Civ VI is now live, bringing a new map type as well as a few tweaks. Two content packs also launched at the same time.

Civilization VI has today received it’s first major update, as well as first two DLC packs from the deluxe edition.

The update adds in the ability to play the Earth map on standard, a new ‘alert’ action for units that will wake them on enemy approach, a way to view Wonder completion videos again, as well as a menu for game Scenarios. There was also several gameplay tweaks and balances – the full of which can be read over on the Civ Blog.

The addition of the scenario menu is important because each of the £3.99 DLCs add scenarios into the game; Poland having to defend against the Teutonic Knights and Ottomans; the Viking Scenario pack adding one where you -as Norwegian, Dane, or Swede- wreak havoc across Europe.

The Poland DLC brings the civ of the same name to the party; they’re built to expand and conquer using religion with a major focus on the mid-game due to it’s Winged Hussars who will chase enemies that they best whilst defending. Trade, through the Polish Cloth Hall, results in bonus production and gold; while King Jadwiga’s encampments and forts will claim neighbouring land from adjacent civs, and spread religion as they do.

You can get the full skinny on it in the trailer at the foot of this post.

While the Vikings scenario pack doesn’t add a new playable Civ, it does bring the previously mentioned scenario, and adds six new city-states, three natural wonders, and some special art assets for leaders.

It is a little bit odd seeing the Civilization series moving to smaller content drops like this, especially when the series was -to many- the last bastion of the large expansion outside of Blizzard’s halls.

Either way, they are both affordable, and the game’s base version contains a lot of content that would previously have been added on in expansions (religion, etc).

Civilization VI is available on Windows PC & Mac.

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