B3’s Christmas Gift Guide for Gamers, 2023 Edition

Updated on November 14th, with new gifts for 2023.
Christmas is coming, it has been inching closer and closer, so it’s time to start getting gifts for those lovely gamers in your life! As gamers ourselves, we have selected a bunch of different items that might be worth checking out, for the special person in your life with a big gaming collection and lots of geeky stuff around their desk. 

LEGO Super Mario Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set Toy

Lego has been a family favorite in our house at Christmas for two generations, and I love to recreate the same excitement that I felt for early 90’s sets with my own kids. This Bowsers Airship set is a fantastic addition to any Super Mario Lego Starter Course, and it’s huge size and challenging shape make it a massively enjoyable build for children both small and large alike! This expansion set is massive and has so many different features, it is well worth diving into as a main Christmas gift.

PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch

PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is a great, cheaper alternative to the much pricier wireless controller options, and might be a good choice if you want an additional player involved without breaking the bank. This controller and the range of alternative designs are available now.

The Vanishing Gambler

“With escape rooms continuing to thrive, and crime procedurals continuing to dominate television it should come as no surprise that we’ve included The Mystery Agency in this list. It’s a fantastic ‘cold case’ bundle of clues, complete with stacks of evidence and puzzles to work your way through in order to solve the case of The Vanishing Gambler. Almost certainly one of the best out there, and definitely one for a person who thinks he has all the answers, or who spends a lot of time playing puzzle games.”

Warhammer 40,000 Calendar

Warhammer 40,000 Calendar
The strands of fate will make sure you’re on time for that meeting!

As is traditional in our house, each year I get my wife a calendar for the next year. This is really because I’m so horribly disorganised that I need to make sure I don’t double book myself. Replacing this year’s guinea pig calendar will be a Warhammer 40,000 one though! A marked improvement, some would say.

The Emperor will protect my schedule for the next twelve months with a full size, month per page calendar with classic 40k artwork above each, and I double page posted in the middle for when you’re finished with it. The artwork is as excellent as you would expect being an official Warhammer calendar, featuring various factions from across the 40k universe. Space Marines, Adeptus Sororitas, and Aeldari fill the pages alongside the likes of Chaos and the brutal Drukhari. As a greenskin player though, the lack of Orks hurts me on a personal level. Quite why Orktober hasn’t been represented I’ll never know.

This is however a perfect gift for the disorganised Warhammer fan in your life, or even the organised one that simply wants to gaze upon the glory of the Emperor’s finest.

Screen Eyes Eye Drops

With 50% of adults now clocking up 11 or more hours screentime on average every day, it’s no coincidence that I often find myself rubbing at reluctant retinas, most recently as I steadily hack, slash and seduce my way through a marathon session of the masterpiece that is Baldur’s Gate 3. This handy little bottle has sat proudly on the desk waiting for those pit stop moments. A quick two drops in each and my eyes do feel instantly refreshed and that dry blinky sensation is pleasantly relieved, freeing me to continue my quest for longer than may be healthy. More than once the little bottle has been produced with a flourish when friends have complained of tired eyes. 

One does not generally sample many types of eye drops, but I did prefer these to an eye mist from Optrex at double the price that I have used previously. I found the relief from the thera tears to be stronger and they felt longer lasting. The drops can happily be used more than once a day and as a bonus are safe to use with contact lenses.

This makes for a great stocking stuffer or useful gift for the gamer in your life.

Serge Denimes x Xbox Jewellery 

If you are looking for some tasteful, premium gaming jewellery, you are in luck. Just this year, Serges Denimes, a premium sterling silver jewllery company, has collabed with Xbox to create a bunch of sleek, beautiful pieces that reflect gaming without being so in your face. You could easily wear many of these pieces to fancy events, while also knowing you are representing your favourite games console. I personally love little bracelet, which has an Xbox Logo on it. There are plenty of pieces to choose from and these make a lovely little stocking stuffer.

Firmoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Firmoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses

When spending so much time in front of screens and computers, there is actually a lot of strain that can happen to your eyes, causing headaches, trouble sleeping, and more. Getting a pair of Blue Light blocking glasses, like these ones from Firmoo, can be a smart idea. Since using these glasses, Dann has no longer complained of headaches and has actually had a better time sleeping — which has really helped our household out. 

Ragnok Gun Mouse

Ragnok Gun Mouse

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Ragnok Gun Mouse in full. It’s a gift that has a lot of impact when you open it — looking like the handle of a gun — but if you are looking for a gift for someone who plays first person shooters, this mouse is one well worth a look. Not only does it actually help some people (me) be better at shooters, it’s got a great visual appeal for those who take pride in the various bits of tech they have on their desk.

Wavo POD Streamer Kit 

Wavo POD Streamer Kit

If you’ve got someone in your life who is looking to take on the world of streaming or just is a massive lover of online multiplayers, you cannot go wrong with the Wavo POD Streamer Kit that we reviewed earlier this month.

It seems everyone has a podcast these days with an ever-increasing number of people finding ways to share and ultimately monetize their interests and talents online. Usurpingly there is an expanding array of choices when it comes to equipment for these budding creators. The new Wavo POD streamer Kit from Joby offers an attractive plug and play package for newcomers to streaming or those who finally want to be heard clearly on video calls at around £175.

PDP Afterglow Wave Controller for Nintendo Switch or Xbox
PDP Afterglow Wave
It’s a nice looking piece of kit, especially when you mess around with the RGB settings.

I know wireless controllers are very much a thing, but when it comes to gaming on PC, I prefer a wired option, whether that’s keyboard and mouse or a controller. The PDP Afterglow Wave controller is a really solid option for a wired controller, and may just be an excellent Christmas present for that gamer in your life.

Based on the Xbox Series X design, this controller feels near indistinguishable from an actual Xbox Controller aside from having a smaller form factor and lower weight thanks to the lack of battery pack. It connects via an included USB-C cable and can even be customised via a downloadable app, allowing you to reconfigure buttons, change sound settings, and adjust dead zones.

More importantly is the array of RGB lighting options. The Afterglow Wave has a lovely set of lights visible when it’s switched on, and has a swathe of choices for their use. Pulses, waves, glows, and rumble reactive lighting options can all be adjusted via the app, with four different profiles to set up.

You can purchase the PDP Afterglow Wave Controller for both your Xbox and your Nintendo Switch, where it comes in a bunch of colors.

If you are looking for some stocking stuffers, check out our best board game stocking stuffers!

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