B3’s Christmas Gift Guide for Gamers, 2021 Edition

Christmas is coming, it has been inching closer and closer, so it’s time to start getting gifts for those lovely gamers in your life! As gamers ourselves, we have selected a bunch of different items that might be worth checking out, for the special person in your life with a big gaming collection and lots of geeky stuff around their desk. 

LEGO Super Mario Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set Toy

Lego has been a family favorite in our house at Christmas for two generations, and I love to recreate the same excitement that I felt for early 90’s sets with my own kids. This Bowsers Airship set is a fantastic addition to any Super Mario Lego Starter Course, and it’s huge size and challenging shape make it a massively enjoyable build for children both small and large alike! This expansion set is massive and has so many different features, it is well worth diving into as a main Christmas gift.

Boglins Puppets

Boglins are a fantastic dose of gross, 1980’s nostalgia. With realistic facial features, pose-able eyeballs and hand access even when in their “cages” these guys are fantastic puppets, toys and ornaments that will suit and geek lair! There are a bunch of different Boglins puppets, including the King Dwork Boglin. If you’ve never seen these before, it might come as a bit of a shock, but they are interesting and make for a great gift.

Firmoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Firmoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses

When spending so much time in front of screens and computers, there is actually a lot of strain that can happen to your eyes, causing headaches, trouble sleeping, and more. Getting a pair of Blue Light blocking glasses, like these ones from Firmoo, can be a smart idea. Since using these glasses, Dann has no longer complained of headaches and has actually had a better time sleeping — which has really helped our household out. 

Ragnok Gun Mouse

Ragnok Gun Mouse

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Ragnok Gun Mouse in full. It’s a gift that has a lot of impact when you open it — looking like the handle of a gun — but if you are looking for a gift for someone who plays first person shooters, this mouse is one well worth a look. Not only does it actually help some people (me) be better at shooters, it’s got a great visual appeal for those who take pride in the various bits of tech they have on their desk.

Smart Screen Microfibre Cloth

With so many different devices, it’s often needed to keep cleaning Nintendo Switch screens, phone screens, tablet screens and more. Smart Screen has created a range of antibacterial microfibre cloths, which come in pocket pouches, so that gamers can keep their devices as clean as possible. If you are looking for a more useful, generalised gift for tech users and gamers alike, in a time when everyone is trying to be a bit more aware of bacterial and germs they come in contact with, this cloth is quite useful. 

Pokemon Christmas Throw Blanket

I don’t know about you, but I love a nice, soft, warm blanket for the wintertime. This Christmas-themed Pokemon Throw Blanket is adorable, soft, and a perfect size for gaming at your desk or sitting on your couch. I really love the entire range from this Etsy seller — the Halloween Pokemon Blanket was what first drew me to the store — so if you have a Pokemon lover to shop for, consider getting a blanket with an adorable, geeky design. 

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