Best Gifts for Pokemon Lovers

If you have a person to gift for that loves Pokemon, you may be unsure what to purchase, what is unofficial, and what would actually make a good gift. As someone who is absolutely obsessed with Pokemon, I have done all the work for you and create a guide on the best gifts for Pokemon lovers! With so much toys, merch, and scams out there, this list should help you narrow down what you want to get the Pokemon fan in your life, so that you can win at the Holiday Season this year.

Pokemon Plus+

The Plus+ is a new bit of tech that has been released this year by the Pokemon Company. This tracker is meant to track sleep, so that you can play the Pokemon Sleep game. The game can be played without the Plus+, however it would require the player to sleep with their phone perfectly placed on their pillow, which is often a deterrent for those who have wanted to get into the game. This little device is used in place of their phone, so that they can track their sleep and catch Pokemon when they wake up, seeing how long they slept, how well they slept, and then creating foods for their Snorlax while seeing what Pokemon have visited them. If the person who you are buying from plays Pokemon Go, this is a bonus as there are in-game exclusives that come with this device.

Pick up a Go Plus+ on Amazon.

Pokemon Sweater

Now there are tons and tons of Pokemon Sweaters out there, but I would highly suggest purchasing an officially licensed sweater, as they are just far better quality. This Pokemon Jumper from Next is my favorite, as it is so colorful! Featuring classic Pokemon like Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle (on the back) and Bulbasaur, this Pokemon Jumper feels really eye catching – and I am always getting complements on it too.

You can shop this jumper and others on their website.


Everyone always needs a pair of gloves. Gloves make a good stocking stuffer, but unless they are fingerless, it’s hard to actually use them with your mobile devices. Though I have previously had plastic tipped gloves, they suck. Pokemon, thankfully, has released a series of gloves that have the finger tips knitted with a different type of fiber, which feels like cotton, but allows you to actually use your phone to play various games. These gloves come in cute and colorful styles! My personal favorite are these blue ones, which I have been wearing ever since the weather has turned cold.

Check out all of the designs on the Pokemon Centre’s website.

Akedo X Pokemon Christmas Shoes

Akedo x Pokemon

These Pokemon Christmas Shoes are ones that I wear all year round, but they have some lovely Christmas-jumper details to them, while featuring a bunch of different Pokemon. Along with the Christmas designs, the Akedo x Pokemon collab has a few of the most popular Pokemon featured in comic-book inspired designs, on these shoes. They are great quality and the designs hold up really well too.

Purchase a pair of Akedo x Pokemon shoes on Zavvi.


A bit of a stocking stuffer – Pokemon releases a ton of different badges that can make for really great gifts. These badges are always high quality, and some even have moving parts and little details that are well worth the price – which doesn’t break the bank if you purchase them directly from the Pokemon Centre anyway!

Check out all of the pins you can choose from on the Pokemon Centre’s website.


Pokemon recently started selling a range of Pokemon Squishmallows, which look adorable, are soft, and are so big! This is a very new look for Pokemon, reminding me of when Pikachu was the chubby, cuddly version. These Squishmallows only come in a few designs, but it’s worth picking up one if you’ve got a younger Pokemon fan or a fan of cuddly toys to purchase for!

Purchase the range of Squishmallows Pokemon on Amazon.

Waffle Maker

I’ve had the Pokemon Waffle Maker – in the Eevee Design – for well over a year now. When I first pre-ordered it, I honestly didn’t think that it would make amazing Eevee Waffles, but it does. This waffle maker creates great designs and doesn’t stick too much either. The waffles are massive though – like enough to split into four, so that’s worth noting! If you are getting a gift for a foodie who loves Pokemon, these waffle makers come in a few wonderful designs!

Purchase Pokemon Waffle Makers on Amazon.

Hopefully this helps you buy some on-point gifts for the Pokemon Trainer in your life.

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