CHANGE, New Homeless Survival Announced by Delve Interactive

Delve Interactive, the devs behind Poncho have announced a new title, “CHANGE” which puts the players in the shoes of a homeless person trying to survive on the streets.

CHANGE is a game that, from the teaser seems to show a retro looking, dark themed survival that puts you in the role of a homeless person. The teaser doesn’t really give anything away other than the fact you get to see the world as a side-scrolling pixel art theme, with a hooded homeless man walking around. The end names the game and with the subheading stating the genre and scenario.

We’re also told it’ll be coming to Kickstarter too. Exciting stuff.

Source: Delve Interactive YouTube

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  1. Dann Sullivan says

    While I’ve certainly played some odd games in my time, they’re going to have to push hard to get me to play a game where I survive as a homeless person. I’m reminded of something Ian Livingstone said to a younger Keith Stuart while turning down his game pitch, “Nobody wants to play as an ant,” (Article here – )

    I’ve played squirrels, I’ve played kiwis, I’ve played prisoners; but even those games make me a hero, they make me smart, they see me escape. I have, admittedly, submitted myself to Papers Please, and Cart Life, which certainly don’t fit that build; but those were most definitely exceptions to the rule.

    That said, I played and enjoyed Poncho, so I guess I’ll wait and see before I pass judgement.

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