Video Games News Round-up: 9th of January 2017: In the Wake of CES

Hello, and welcome to today’s video games round-up where we settle down at roughly 9PM GMT and link out to the shifts in the industry that we’ve covered, and those that we haven’t.

As the dust starts to settle around us following the quaking and wobbling we’ve withstood from this year’s fantastic CES 2016 it’s time for games news to take the limelight, gawping twinkly-eyed as tech and hardware retreats from the stage – at least until Thursday’s Nintendo presentations.

So, without further ado. Welcome to the first B3 Video Games News Round-up (Catchy name huh?).

Video Games News, From B3’s Mouth,

Video Review – Bridge Constructor Stunts
News – History Made As 14 Million Users Are Simultaneously On Steam
News – Rock Band’s 10th Anniversary Brings Classics, VR Version Also On The Way
News – Terry Crews Voicing Doomfist In Overwatch? It Sounds Like He Is
News – VR Tie In Coming For Alien: Covenant
News – WildStar’s “Power of the Primal Matrix” Updated Detailed; Dated
News – See What Games Are Coming To Xbox Next Week
News – Nintendo Streaming Treehouse Live With Nintendo Switch On 13th January, Following Previous Day’s Presentation
News – Toby: The Secret Mine Xbox One Release Date Announced
News – “Exciting Enhancements” On Route For Xbox Live This Year

And, here’s what we didn’t get the chance to cover, from the source.

We run these round-ups from Monday to Saturday, so make sure to check back tomorrow.

If you think we missed something then why not drop it into the comments below? We’ll jump right on getting it fixed.

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