Hellpoint, a dark science-fiction RPG title that can bring split-screen multiplayer, and see’s players investigating a spaceship that has been caught by the gravitational orbit of a mysterious black hole. Developer Cradle Games are searching for a CA$ 50,000 goal to support funding of the title, with funding closing on the 10th of May 2017, and at the time of writing this, sits at 543 backers strong.

Hellpoint’s goal of CA$ 50,000 currently sits at CA$ 19,042 funded by 543 backers. Cradle Games introduce Kickstarter backers to a title set amongst the aftermath of a quantum cataclysm called the “Merge”. An event in which every living being lost their mind for an incredibly short period of time, and their bodies and memories were merged with alternate versions of themselves from parallel universes. All wasn’t as innocent as it sounds, and creatures and entities beyond imagining also came through.

Players take on the role as a nameless protagonist, whose story is determined by the players choices. Waking up in a derelict space station named, “Irid Novo” which is orbiting a super-massive black hole, you are given the order by the “Authority” to finish what was undone by any means you see fit, but with consequences based on your actions.

The game runs alongside a space station that orbits in real time, and the position of the black hole affects the sanity levels of the people on board, causing them to go insane, or run in fear. It seems to be a rather cool, random event system that’s determined by this black hole.

Hellpoint supports local co-op as a  splitscreen co-op mode as well as a PvP mode. The entire game can be played with a friend, or they can jump in and out at any point, with loot being shared and the experience points earned for player two are saved. Ancient blueprints need to be discovered so players can craft weapons and armour, as well as gaining forbidden powers. The galaxy was a beacon of peace with no wars having taken place, until now.

The crafting system allows incredible control over weapons and powers, enabling players to choose how their powers are distributed. instantaneously, or spread out over time? Should your ranged ammunition explode on impact or not? They are your weapons, and the more you fight with them the more you become used to them, and the closer you get to unlocking their powerful abilities.

Another cool feature regarding the levels is that each time a game is started anew, the station is different. the world is procedurally generated, and it offers a lot of replayability.

Players can try the title out by downloading the PC/Linux demo which is available directly through Kickstarter. The game plans to release onto PC, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One in Q1 of 2018. There may be a Mac and Nintendo Switch version of the title depending on the success of the crowdfunding. It is also heading to Steam after being successfully Greenlit.

There are three stretch goals available, with the original funding of CA$ 50,000 seeing the completion of the title. CA$ 75,000 sees a game mode allowing players to play as the enemy, and CA$ 100,000 would see the title ported to the Nintendo Switch, and I imagine the Mac.

You can view the Kickstarter page by going here

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  1. iplayedthegame says

    I saw this the other day and it caught my eye through having split screen co-op alone! The gameplay looks to have a hint of Dark Souls in space to it so I’m certainly interested.

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