Big Boss Babble Episode 4: Shenmue 3, Biomutant, Darkwood, and More

Big Boss Babble Episode 4: Shenmue 3, Biomutant, Darkwood, and More

We made another podcast!

This week’s host was Terry, and he was joined by speakers Jorge, Dann and Toby to discuss a bevy of topics.

You can find each of the discussed topics below.

This week’s open was a discussion of some of the games that our Editor in Chief, Dann, enjoyed at Gamescom including: Bad North, Bomber Crew, Necrosphere, and more.

  • 00:15:58 – Jorge – Shenmue 3. Specifically the unexpected level of quality in the recently released trailer.
  • 00:25:29 – Terry – We Happy Few. Specifically the perception that AAA games have to release with obtuse special editions, although also touching on the adapting nature of the game.
  • 00:35:01 – Dann – The crash of ’17. It’s time to have that discussion: will the over-saturation of the market lead to another gulf in the middle of the industry.
  • 00:42:48 – Jorge – Biomutant. The latest game announced under THQ Nordic’s expansive publishing wing, and how it looks set to reinvigorate the ARPG genre.
  • 00:48:52 – Terry – Acid Wizard Studio’s decision to release Darkwood for free on Pirate Bay
    • This evolves into a discussion regarding the state of game demos and new ways in which developers could engage audiences..
  • 01:05:58 – Dann – Powerstone 2, and how Capcom are wasting time by not bringing back one of the greatest fighting games ever made.
    • This evolves into a discussion about the return of classic games for new audiences, and how the return of these games could be as influential as the games which capture their spirit — like Battle Princess Madelyn, Shovel Knight and more.

Each of these will be released as individual Mini Boss Babbles throughout the week, however those versions will lack the opening discussion included in this podcast.

Can’t find us on your ideal podcast feed? Let us know and we’ll get ourselves over there for you.

Intro music:
“Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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