B3’s RimWorld Guide for Beta 18

RimWorld, as has been mentioned many times before on this website, is the bane of B3. Should any one person take it upon themselves to play it, whether for a (ill-fated) review or for personal pleasure, they could be lost to us for days or even weeks. It’s a Marmite game: a love-or-hate deal to some, with a good few of us in the former camp, and as much as we could sing its praises all day long, we couldn’t quite do it justice.

So if you’re new to RimWorld, or if you feel like you’re still floundering at the deep end, we’ve put together a guide to get started on your first colony. If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments and we — with our hundreds-of-hours–worth of combined play-time — will do our best to answer.

We're here to take you through the bare necessities.
We’re here to take you through the bare necessities.

This began as a quick-start guide and (as with most RimWorld games) soon turned into a sprawling list of advice. Topics will go live over the coming weeks and you can navigate to them all from the list below:

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