Analysis On New Nintendo Switch Trailer, “Play Anytime, Anywhere, With Anyone”

Nintendo have launched another trailer for their Nintendo Switch console, showing off features, how the console aims to bring people together, and how it acts as a portable console as well as a home one.

The -nearly five minute-long- video features some footage we already seen from the Switch unveiling, as the platform ascended from memorable moniker NX, there’s also a whole bunch more cheesy ‘human’ and software footage too.

We’re introduced to the life of some chap who I’m going to name Marvin. Marvin is playing his copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but he realises he’s late for… something. With a quick tug on the Switch dock the console slides out and he heads off on his journey while still playing Zelda. Classy. He impresses some woman on the bus. Cheeky. When he gets to the aeroplane, he kicks back and connects the Joy-Con’s up to become a controller. Savvy.

Ketchup bottle sim….

We then move onto another person – I’m going to call her Kathy. She’s playing ARMS, the title that was announced during the Nintendo Switch Presentation last month. Kathy is sporting the blue and red Joy-Cons that are sold separately. Kathy heads out to meet her friends and tells them all to give ARMS a go; we catch the game on split screen. Cut to a couple, who also happen to be hammering the split screen mode – I’m calling them Jen, and Ryan; they seem to be using ARMS as a way to release emotions rather than shout at each other about  Ryan putting the milk away in the wrong place.

Cue…Jacob! Who jumps into existence with Mario Kart Deluxe 8 while using the console as handheld, he’s got the thing laced tight to his arm. I suspect Jacob is a clumsy one, especially if he needs a strap on while on the bed. He seems to ignore his significant other who appears to be twirling around. Get yo’ head out of the game Jacob, tell her she looks good.

We then meet worker trouble maker, Keith, lobbing some paper at Samuel in an effort to catch his attention and get him to scoop over to catch a quick game of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Naughty boys. At least we get to see more vertical split screen support going on here.

The shootout of his life.

A group of friends are also introduced playing Mario Kart Deluxe 8 on a four player split screen while the Switch is docked. Other than that, not much happens there except a sore loser and the other three having a giggle. But, the next group of friends we see are out in public with all their Switch consoles, all connected up. There are eight of these friends connected up showing off the Switch’s multiplayer mode.

Splatoon 2 comes in with yet another bloke late for something. I’ll call him Adam. Adam shows off his Splatoon 2 skills with his seven other friends who also have their own Switch consoles. They should be working not playing games, but that’s okay apparently, Prof. Bore has entered  There was no showing the story mode for Splatoon 2, although that has been confirmed.

Quick Draw, an interesting game as part of the Switch’s 1-2 Switch game gets shown off by two over-enthused chaps at a BBQ. The two guys seem to have had a fallout over the last hot dog, and so they have a shootout for it. Oh no! Wait a second! That fella is falling backwards into the pool and there’s no Joy-Con to be seen anywhere!? Is he cupping it? That’ll be an expensive act of silliness if you ask me!

Next up we see another game from the 1-2 Switch, sword fighting it seems, but while these two guys battle it out in the middle of a cafe of sorts, the nearby lady is left only to applaud them, probably wishing they’d knock it on the head so she can nip off home and smash up some pots in Zelda.

Milking huge cows

Camping trips are apparently boring. So the next scene is dedicated to a thrilling sounding mini-game from 1-2 Switch in which players have to shave their face hair with the Joy-Cons! Oh-boy! And while everyone else is enjoying the countryside and fresh air, it seems Bill and Jessie are busy milking pretend giant cows. Quite a way to party.

Talking of parties, the next video shows another 1-2 Switch title in action, a game in which they must pick up the phone and answer it the quickest. The phone of course being the Joy-Cons placed on the table. Maybe this is a sneaky way of getting the hint across to your friends that they don’t pick up quick enough. Next up we see what looks like players playing a ketchup bottle simulator, but really it’s a type of game where players shake a bottle of champagne, or pop, and pass on the bottle before it blows it’s top to the disappointed loser…or winner holding it. It does look a bit naughty, but let’s ignore that and focus on how much fun they’re having.

At the end we get a montage of everyone enjoying themselves and we even get to see the cartridge in action being inserted into the Switch console. And yes, there is also the long awaited confirmation that Nintendo are aware that you’ll be playing this on the bog.

While the video shows off the portable methods more than anything, it ends by showing the console being docked. This clearly intended both as a way to remind you that it’s a home console, but also to show that it’s time to stop invading these people’s privacy for the video is coming to the end. You’ve been through the journey, and it’s now time to sit down and relax and think about the console more.

What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo YouTube

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