AegisM Hands On — A Tower Defense Game Which Puts You in the Action

AgeisM Gameplay

A tower defense game which throws you right into the action, AegisM doesn’t force you to rely on the placements of your towers to save the day.

Instead, you must fight wave after wave of enemies alongside your towers. You are given a field with a pathway to your base. This path will soon be polluted with enemies, all looking to break you down. You have two ways to defend yourself; by placing various towers down or by shooting them yourself, by hand.

Your weapons and towers can both be upgraded, however, you have to purchase all of your ammo for the gun you carry on your character. You also have the chance to choose a special ability at the start of each game, giving you the chance to tailor your playstyle as to best defend your base.

Enemies, in AegisM, don’t seem to see the point in attacking you and will instead pass you by as to instead focus on destroying your base. Once there, they will attack and damage it  in the hopes of stopping whatever streak of kills you have.

There are various types of towers which you can place along the outside of the path —  these will automatically attack and kill off anything which walks there using guns, lasers, and electricity! Some of the towers only attack ground-based enemies, while others target those that fly through the sky. You can, of course, upgrade the towers and make them stronger, a necessity as time passes and stronger waves of enemies move closer.

AgeisM Gameplay

In order to purchase upgrades, new guns, and more ammo, you will need to collect coins dropped from enemies. These coins never disappear from the screen, so you can collect them whenever you want — which is especially helpful if you have towers far away from wherever you are currently defending. AegisM also has bosses that start to appear, which require a lot of your resources to kill! These will really take your focus, as they can do masses of damage to your base.

This game does not have to be taken on alone — if you feel that you’d do better with another person. You can play co-op, with both of you responsible for placing towers and shooting enemies.

AgeisM Gameplay

I played a demo of the game while at the recent Insomnia62 event. I ended up playing waves and waves of the game, destroying as many enemies as I could. I very much enjoyed facing down larger enemies while leaving my towers to continue to do the light work for me.

AegisM is a pretty easy game to start, but as the waves ramp up and enemies get stronger, it becomes simply addictive in its rapid, scaling gameplay! If you’d like to follow the development of AegisM, you can check out their website, follow @aegism on Twitter, or check out their Facebook Page.

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