9 Indie Games in development that you should keep your eye on

Some days, I want to see more indie games that are being developed. Even as somebody who actively seeks out games everyday, there are still so many more games being created that just fly slightly under my radar, buried with the other games that I’ve been getting emails and messages about. When I feel like it’s been a while between seeing the amazing games created with in the industry, I throw out a Tweet asking for some gifs of games that are currently in development.

With the replies breaking over a hundred in a few hours, I wanted to showcase a few of the games that particularly caught my eye.Games that I believe you should check out and follow the development of. There are a bunch of other games within that thread linked above, so feel free to browse and share ones you like!

Little Misfortune by KillMonday Games

Little Misfortune sees you becoming an eight year old girl called Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez. She is on a journey to find Eternal Happiness, a prize a strange voice has offered her. This prize would be a wonderful gift, perfect for her to give to her mother. This interactive story based adventure game is full of dark humor, misfortune and twisted events.

As Misfortune, you’ll need to travel through the woods, onto trains and around the world, dealing with your bad luck and listening to Mr. Voice. From the creators of one of my all time favorite games, Fran Bow, Little Misfortune is a game I am very excited to get my hands on, especially as their humor and slight touch of creepiness is always on point.

Little Misfortune is coming out this year, on PC and a demo is coming out on April 22nd.

Zniw Adventure by Łukasz Mikołajczyk & Karolina Twardosz

Zniw Adventure is an adorable, family-friendly point and click adventure game that takes you back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the land. This dinosaur is looking to find a gift for her mother’s hatchday. In this search, Zniw has ended up wandering far away from her hometown, and now she will need to figure out a way home.

Without good navigational skills, Zniw has explored the neighbouring village and found some major problems with some of the things going on there. It seems like they are struggling with some shady dinosaurs, disrupting the flow of the community. Zniw Adventure looks like a really lovely game, focusing on tons of dinosaurs and providing a rarely found family-friendly experience.

Zniw Adventure is coming soon to PC.

Calorie Defender by Kerrie Lake, Barret Vasilchik, & Failpositive

Calorie Defender is an adorable tower-defense/action platformer game that places you inside the human body. As lovely vegetables you must fight off the candy that is trying to corrupt the (digestive) system. Through physically attacking and fighting them off or placing down turrets that can take them down, your goal is to keep this body healthy.

In your travels you can also meet other helpful vegetables, which will help you with your goals. Although there isn’t a whole lot of information currently out about Calorie Defender, from the gifs I have seen, this game looks adorable, hectic, and fun.

Calorie Defender doesn’t currently have a release date, but you can sign up for their newsletter and follow their Twitter, @caloriedefender

Merchant of the Skies by Coldwild Games

Flying colorful airships, helping out townsfolk and selling and trading items from islands are all things you can do in Merchant of the Skies. This charming game basically has you traveling around to purchase various different resources. You then can sell them for more money (if you are paying attention to prices) or help townsfolk with the items that they need.

There is also some light base-building and tycoon elements within the game, though these haven’t been showcased thus far in the videos I have seen. You are the captain of your own airship, looking to establish your own trading company, so there is a lot of work to be done. Flying between the different isles looks super fun and you’re meant to explore and trade at your own pace. It really looks like a lovely game!

Merchants of the Skies is coming out on May 30th, in Early Access, with a big focus on improving the game through community feedback.

Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank by TookiPalooki

Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank is another quirky point and click adventure game — there seems to be a lot of these coming out. Both Cook and Sosig are roleplaying as pirates in what sounds like a D&D campaign. On the search for treasure, you must solve puzzles, get strange friends to join your group, and wear lovely hats.

With a whimsical, hand-drawn world, there is a lot to love with the looks of Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank, but the humorous narrative also catches my heart. These strange characters are the ones that I can’t wait to meet and work with, to find that pirate treasure!

Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank is coming to PC later this year.

Button City by Shandiin Yazzie Woodward & Ryan Woodward

Button City sees you playing a little fox named Fennel. Fennel is a part of the Fluff Squad — a group of children competing to become the Button City Arcade Champions. Their main competition is their rivals — the Tuff Fluffs. Everything is all fun and games at the arcade, until the Big Box corporation start pressuring Mr. Button, the arcade owner, to shut down Button City.

The Fluff Squad then needs to put down their arcade shenanigans and go on a massive quest to save Button City. Although there isn’t much information out about Button City, the game itself looks absolutely beautiful, and destroying big corporations is something I can get behind.

The world itself is interesting as well, in the gifs it looks like all of the environments are stacked on top of each other, allowing you to scroll through destinations instead of viewing a map. If this is the case, it’s a pretty unique and cool feature!

Button City doesn’t currently have a release date, though you can sign up to their newsletter and follow @ButtonCity on Twitter.

Pine by Twirlbound

Pine is an absolutely stunning, open-world action adventure game. In Albamare, animals have evolved much faster than humans, forcing humans out of the top spot in the food chain. You play as Hue, a particularly smart young adult looking to just survive in this harsh world. You must travel around, gathering resources, trading with the creatures that don’t try to kill you, and fighting your way through the world.

The world in Pine isn’t actually dependent on your involvement. All of the creatures and organisms are alive and will be attempting to survive alongside you. You have the ability to befriend various species, fight alongside them, or steal from them and force them out of their homes. All of your decisions will force species to move across the ecological spectrum — a very interesting concept that I am quite excited to get to play.

Pine is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch this year.

Oi, Innkeep! by Bad Bandit Games

Your inn-owning uncle has decided he no longer wanted to pay his debts, so has turned himself into a living painting. This wouldn’t be too much of a bother, but you seem to be the one that needs to take over his inn, hoping to pay off his debts. In a weird twist your uncle is still there to guide you as you attempt to turn this dying, magical inn around.

You’ll need to farm, cook, and upgrade the building if you want customers to keep pouring in. They will come for the food and drink, but stay for the atmosphere and entertainment. You can shape the inn to however you’d like — chaos is sure to ensue either way. With drunken fights, a fireplace, and loads of strangers, you’ll really need to be up for the challenge! Oi, Innkeep! looks fantastic, full of humor and style.

Oi, Innkeep! is coming out soon on PC.

BattleCakes by Volcano Bean

BattleCakes is an adorable 2D action RPG where you battle as colorful, pastel cupcakes!

In the kingdom of Pasteleria, you are the sole heir to the legacy of King Feliz, and must defend the kingdom against Lord Fondant, an evil wizard. With your advisors at hand, you will need to begin your quest to find the king and restore peace to your kingdom.

You can resolve conflicts by either taking on turn-based battles or trying to resolve things peacefully, bringing enemies and bosses onto your side. With such a cute world full of sweets, how could resist playing such a lovely, adorable game.

BattleCakes doesn’t currently have a release date, but you can sign up to their newsletter.

Disclaimer: Jupiter Hadley, one of the website owners, is an Adept Game Wizard for Armor Games. Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank is currently being published by Armor Games, however, this didn’t effect her decision to cover the game. You can read more information on our disclaimers here.

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