Fresh from the Festival — Yorkshire Games Fest Coverage

Over the past few days, members of the public converged upon the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire, for the second ever Yorkshire Games Festival. At the weekend in particular, local developers gathered to showcase their work and we took the opportunity to experience what they had to offer.

The event itself isn’t too difficult to get to, with reasonable parking within walking distance and a good deal on offer. From the making of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and talks with developers to game-making workshops and a live-action roleplay scavenger hunt, most people will find something interesting to do. For those in weekday work, it is worth noting that most of these happen during the week, but it’s nice to know that nearly all events are free, with a voluntary donation.

The Let’s Play event, taking place at the weekend only, consisted of a small gallery on the first floor of the museum. It was smaller than expected, which led to it feeling rather cramped with children running about underfoot (and behind-elbow, brushing-past-back and nearly anywhere else there was a gap), but that was bound to happen anyway and the presence of so many children can only be a good sign, as they are among them future gamers and developers.

We will be releasing pieces for each game we tried at the event over the course of the next few days, so keep an eye out for the following games:

Mable and the Wood | Wavelength | Tetra: Elemental Awakening | Smash Tanks | Dream Machine | Lost Wing | Zoom Boom! | Red Dwarf XII | One Man Tank | Umwelt | Advance Soccer | Yorkshire Gubbins | Figment | Hyper VR Party Ware

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