Yeah Bunny 2 — Save chickens, collect coins

Cute and colorful, running forever forward in the hope of saving baby chickens and collecting coins; Yeah Bunny 2 is a very smooth, addictive and fun platformer.

The sequel to Yeah Bunny — a game I have never played — Yeah Bunny 2 is a lovely, quick paced platformer where you play as a little rabbit, running forward as fast as possible. With the ability to jump and double jump, you must make quick decisions to keep yourself alive and continue exploring around the large levels within the game.

Each level is represented with its own flag on the island overworld map, as well as up to three stars that can be found within the world. These stars are then used to unlock more levels, so finding them is key if you want to keep playing the game. There are more than just stars within the levels to collect; coins, carrots are there, as well as cages to be broken, all can be found throughout. Breaking open these cages by jumping on them allows the chicks to go free, joining your little group.

These chicks play a very cute and important role in the game. The coins you are collecting, you see, are all for them. You are able to go back to the menu and visit your chickens, checking up on them in a little village you are building. You can also spend your coins so that your little friends can have places to hang out in, like ice cream stands and houses. These can then be harvested for carrots after a bit of time.

Yeah Bunny 2

Carrots allow you to continue playing the level after dying, from the nearest flower checkpoint. It will cost a set number of carrots, or you do have the choice of watching an ad, either way, it keeps you within the game. I found having a haul of carrots was especially useful in the boss fights.

The key to Yeah Bunny 2 is really taking your time to explore. As you don’t control the speed of the rabbit, this just means doing a lot of wall jumping or sliding as well as going back to previous areas. The end of each level is a flag pole, and sometimes when you head towards it, there is no way of stopping, forcing you into the next level. So you’ll need to be careful and always thinking ahead.

After a grouping of levels, you can unlock a bridge and go onto the next, as long as you have enough stars. These new words bring new things into the platformer, from portals to bumpers, which each give the levels more variety. The boss fights are pretty epic too, as you run away from the boss, hoping to avoid spikes and make it to the end.

Other smaller animals also can be found within the levels of Yeah Bunny 2. These can be jumped on, as long as they don’t have spikes on their head, so that they can be removed from the level. Running into them will kill you.

Yeah Bunny 2

Yeah Bunny 2 is a really fun, ‘one more level’ type of game. There are ads between each level, even if you don’t die, but these don’t feel like too much if you take the time to explore. At times, I found running into the end flag to be annoying, but it’s really just a matter of looking ahead. My biggest issue with the game is the pause button. When hitting the pause button, the bunny still jumps for whatever reason, sometimes ruining what you are trying to do. Apart from that, the graphics are truly lovely — they have a polished retro feel and look cute. It’s a great spring time game and one that I found myself not putting down for this review.

You can pick up Yeah Bunny 2 on iOS and Android.

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