Dino Dump — Dinosaurs covered in poop

Dino Dump Header Card
Dinosaurs pooped too! As a matter of fact, in Dino Dump by Big Potato Games, you end up playing with cartoonish cards of poop-covered dinosaurs, looking to get rid of all your cards.

A child-friendly version of the game Shithead, Dino Dump is not only cute, but it’s easy to pick up and play. It’s also just a super-funny card game to play with small children, who seem to get a great kick out of the fact that these dinosaurs are pooping on each other or covered in poop themselves.

Dino Dump has you starting with three cards face down in front of you, three face-up cards on

top of those and three cards in your hand. Before the game actually starts, you can switch the cards in your hand with the three you can see in front of you. These six laying on the table in front of you are your final cards once your hand runs out — and you’ll need to play the three you can see before the three you can’t see. Having higher values there gives you a much better change to make it.

In the middle of the table is a face-down deck of the rest of the cards, as well as a soon-to-be-formed discard file. The first player, on their turn, puts down a card and the next player must put down a card of equal or higher value. Each dinosaur has a number on them, indicating how much they are worth. Dino Dump also has a bunch of action cards that you can use, like one to reverse turn order; one that hides another card you place below it, making the next player guess what number they need to overcome; and one that burns the entire discard pile.

After you have played a card (or two, in the case of the action card that requires a card behind it) you must pick up the same number of cards you placed down from the discard pile. This continues until the discard pile is gone — in which case, you must get rid of your hand and start on the piles in front of you. If at any point you don’t have a card to place down — no action cards or cards higher than the one on top — you need to pick up the entire discard pile and play with it.

Once again, the goal is to have the least amount of cards, so this can be a huge setback. Once you run out of cards, you win, getting to watch the rest of the game play out until there is a single loser. This loser, according to the rules, must then wear the smelly, scratch-and-sniff poop sticker — a few of them come with the game and they really do stink.

When it comes to the face-down cards, meaning you have no hand and no face-up cards to play, you have to play these blind, adding a bit of luck to your game. Sometimes, you end up with cards that just aren’t ideal and there is no option to change it — you have to just take the consequences.

Dino Dump Box

Dino Dump is a very cute, fun yet quick little game that anyone can enjoy. You may want to opt to not use the poop stickers (seriously, they really stink) but even without them (they stink so much) the game is still super fun! (God, the smell.) Everything is well designed, from the cute art on the cards to the little plastic poop built into the box, reminding you that you’re playing this silly game.

A copy of Dino Dump was provided for review purposes. You can purchase Dino Dump on Amazon or find more games on Big Potato Games’ website.  

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