Writer Behind Valve’s Titles Leaves Company After Twelve Years

It appears that Half-Life 3 is looking more and more unlikely as, Chet Faliszek announces that he has left Valve after working there for twelve years.

In his twelve years at the company, Faliszek has written Half-Life 2: Episode One and Two, and has worked on writing Portal and Portal 2, as well as the Left 4 Dead titles. The announcement was exclusively mentioned to GamesIndustry.biz and it seems that he has left on his own terms, with no bad blood and a desire to continue doing something else in the next step of his career, although we don’t know what the next step is, and neither does he!

“I worked there 12 years, shipped a bunch of great games and some amazing hardware and wanted to change things up. There’s no news on what’s next etc, I will let you know when that happens.” – Chet Faliszek (Ex-Valve video game writer)

Chet’s departure follows suit after Erik Wolpaw, and Marc Laidlaw, also writers who worked on the Half-Life titles retired from the company. This means that there are no writers at Valve now who have worked on the Half-Life series.

Chet was also a VR ambassador and very active within the VR scene, GamesIndustry writes,

“Testament to Faliszek’s impact on the young field of VR have been the reactions from those involved in the medium, even those with whom he shared a friendly ‘rivalry’. Callum Underwood, Senior Developer Strategy at Oculus, was full of praise for Faliszek’s passion and hard work. Less so his pets.” – GamesIndustry.biz

While everyone bids farewell to Faliszek, I can’t help but sit here and wonder if Half-Life 3 will ever surface. It certainly doesn’t seem it. :sadface:

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  1. Dann Sullivan says

    Maybe, maybe Half Life 3 was the journey all along.

    Seriously though, with Wolpaw, Falizek and Laidlaw all gone now it kinda feels the end of a generation.

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